CBC Podcast from 20 March 2012 - Interview with Dr. Greg McCullough about nutrients, flooding and Lake Winnipeg

CBC Host Marcy talks to Dr. Greg McCullough, from the University of Manitoba, about a new study he's recently released on the impact to Lake Winnipeg waters of flooding and nutrient loading.

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Read the transcript of Dr. Greg McCullough speaking to Marcy about Lake Winnipeg, nutrients and flooding.

South Tobacco Creek Watershed Snow Melt, April 12 to Oct. 17, 2013. Cameras located in area take images every 15 min. Click play to watch. Click on the square on the right hand side for fullscreen.

Daniel Stoupin's Pondlife Timelapse

Watch Daniel Stoupin's video of pondlife from the perspective of a water flea. Mayfly nymphs, ostracodes, water mites, ciliates, and, of course, hydras make an appearance.

A description of some of the pond life can be found at at

Daniel's website is located at Photography blog of Daniel Stoupin

Policy, Pizza & A Pint - Saving Lake Winnipeg

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Lake Winnipeg Surfers

Check out these brave surfers on Lake Winnipeg! Teacher, scientist, farmer,all types of people!

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