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Science Goals of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative  

Science Goal 5

Develop a single window information portal that will promote data sharing with key partners, and will allow appropriate data sharing with other networks.

Update on Recent Research:The Lake Winnipeg web-based information portal is intended to gather and create access to important scientific data, models, information and tools developed through the research activities of Environment Canada and stakeholders. The portal will include expert-developed decision support tools to aid decision-making and allow partners in government and non government organizations to share information, collaborate, and provide support for water management.

  • Environment Canada is working with partners to develop and obtain data, and provide guidance on modeling standards. Three major workshops were organized with partners and stakeholders, focusing on user-needs, data sources, and modeling.
  • A prototype of the portal was developed based on workshop discussions. Models have been applied on three pilot watersheds (LaSalle, Boyne and Little Saskatchewan).
  • Environment Canada is currently gathering and integrating additional data, adding tools, building online modeling capacity and further refining the portal to meet the needs of stakeholders and users. Long term external portal hosting opportunities are also being explored.

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group of researchers standing in front of a water reservoir located within the Lake Winnipeg watershed

Lake Winnipeg portal research team on field trip to a reservoir within the Lake Winnipeg watershed.

image of the home page for the Lake Winnipeg Research Portal that will soon be available to scientists on the internet

Screen shot of the menu page for the Lake Winnipeg Research Portal