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Science Goals of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative  

Science Goal 4

Assess the economic value of water, and how effective regulatory instruments and social policies are in managing nutrient inputs on a watershed scale.

Recent Research (2008-09 to 2009-10):

This project is intended to demonstrate preferred nutrient reduction measures for Lake Winnipeg when resulting ecological goods and services (EG&S) co-benefits are included in cost benefit analyses. A report was prepared to assess current practice in Canada for identifying, quantifying and valuing EG&S and how this might be applied to environmental and economic management decisions. The report provided the foundation for development of a framework to estimate the value of EG&S affected by various nutrient management strategies.

The framework is currently being refined and applied to two case studies: the adoption of agricultural beneficial management practices, and enhanced wastewater treatment for small to medium-sized communities. Project outcomes could be used to assist and inform the future development of a tailored policy instrument design for Lake Winnipeg. The table below provides examples of possible EG&S that may be valued in the studies.