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Research Partners

Manitoba Water Stewardship

Manitoba Water Stewardship demonstrates leadership in environmental stewardship; bringing awareness to current and future generations of Manitobans about the environmental value of water. They offer information about the management of sustainable water and fish resources.

Beaches are a place of recreation for many people; however due to the deterioration of water quality in Lake Winnipeg, many beaches suffer with blue-green algae or cyanobacteria toxins. Manitoba Water Stewardship posts beach advisory signs for a number of beaches, which reflect the status of the specific beaches. Together with Manitoba Health, Manitoba Water Stewardship has developed the Manitoba Clean Beaches Program. This program provides the public with valuable information on how to protect the beaches, as well as reduce health risks.

Maps are used to document the watersheds of Manitoba’s precipitation, soil moisture, snow survey and flooded areas. The maps are prepared by the Hydrologic Forecast Centre of Manitoba Water Stewardship, intended for the use of assessing conditions which help form the foundation for flood outlooks and river forecasts.