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Research Partners

Algal Taxonomy and Ecology Inc.

Algal Taxonomy and Ecology Inc. (AT&E Inc.) are experts in phytoplankton who assist leading scientific authorities in making accurate decisions, as well as ecological evaluations. AT&E Inc.’s leading researcher served as the Primary Algal Taxonomist at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Winnipeg, Canada.

AT&E Inc. specializes in algal microfossils using a method which includes both non siliceous and siliceous microfossils. They also have experience in sediment microfossil analysis and toxic algal species.

Services performed by AT&E Inc. include: analysis of picoplankton and bacteria using epifluoresence, identification and cataloguing of Toxic Bluegreens, siliceous and non siliceous microfossil paleo limnological analysis, and phytoplankton and protozoan composition and biomass.