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City of Winnipeg

The Water and Waste Department of the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba is responsible for and provides services for all matters regarding water and waste to the city’s residents and businesses. Services and responsibilities include improving drinking water quality, wastewater, land drainage, and solid waste collection and disposal.

The rivers and streams that wind though the city are voluntarily monitored by the city at regular times as part of the city’s sewage programs. During the open water season, seventeen parameters at eighteen different river and stream locations throughout the city are tested to measure and assess the health of Winnipeg’s waterways. Some of the water quality parameters being tested include nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, and bacteria. The city has published reports of these results from 2007 to 2010.

To help improve Lake Winnipeg’s state and protect public health, property and the environment, the City of Winnipeg maintains a pollution control program for wastewater that has been in effect since the 1930’s. Current projects, as well as completed projects, are available to the public.

As part of the City of Winnipeg’s drainage and flood control operations, daily river levels are monitored and made available in real-time, and for this year and as well as for past years starting in 1990. In addition, the city’s rainfall gauging program produces rainfall reports (for 2010) in the form of maps when the average rainfall accumulation is more than 15 centimetres over the entire city. There are also reports for major rainfall events from previous years.