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Saskatchewan Environment

Saskatchewan Environment is a branch of the Government of Saskatchewan, which solely deals with protecting the environment while promoting responsible use of natural resources. To ensure success in maintaining our renewable natural resources and supporting a healthy environment, education and awareness is imperative. Saskatchewan Environment generates reports every year, which keeps the public informed of what has been done and what still needs to be done.

The Lake Winnipeg Basin runs through Saskatchewan, along with other major basins and watersheds. Water quality degradation in surface and groundwater has an impact on the people of Saskatchewan’s everyday lives and economy. Objectives to help improve surface water quality are outlined in the Surface Water Quality Objectives report.

In September 2007, researchers from Saskatchewan Environment sampled 148 lakes, as part of the Northwest Saskatchewan Lake Assessment Project. The ministry found that many of the lakes suffer from low buffering or acid neutralizing capacity. This can be resulted from the low carbonate geology of the Precambrian Shield. Data is being collected in order to provide baseline information that will be available for monitoring and future studies.