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Research Partners

Ducks Unlimited Canada

For over 70 years Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has worked to increase Canadian support and funding for wetland conservation. They are actively viewed as Canada’s Conservation Company, acting in every province and territory. To date, DUC has secured 6.1 million acres of habitat through restoration, protection and management of wetlands and linked habitats. Other DUC activities, which ensure their success, include: waterfowl and wetland research and educating the public.

In 2007, DUC recognized that Lake Winnipeg stands a better chance with its wetlands left in entirety. DUC’s research proved that wetlands act as a water filter; removing contaminants that lower the water quality and feed blue-green algae. Two years later, in 2009, the federal government provided $400,000 worth of funding towards DUC’s research project in southwest Manitoba. The federal government strived to understand the importance wetlands played in Lake Winnipeg’s wellbeing. $379,800 of the $400,000 was invested in the Broughton’s Creek watershed; used to further the development of a model watershed representative of the Manitoba Prairie Pothole Region. A monitoring network will be created to assess the role of disconnected wetlands on the lessening the export of nutrients and sediment from watersheds contributing to Lake Winnipeg.

DUC is fighting to stop the loss of wetlands in Manitoba. Between 1968 and 2005, twenty-one per cent of the wetland area has been lost. The result of this is that Manitoba’s environment has been suffering deterioration. The recently completed Phase I of the multiphase research project at Broughton’s Creek has determined the impacts of wetland loss and associated drainage activity in the watershed’s surrounding area.