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Red River Basin Commission

The Red River Basin Commission (RRBC) promotes a future of unity for the Red River Basin through integrated watershed stewardship and management. The commission was developed to support the efforts for stable and diverse fish and wildlife populations through a diversity of habitats. RRBC also encourages opportunities for public awareness and education to help in the future management and stewardship of the Red River Basin’s fish, wildlife, habitat and water resources.

The Natural Resources Framework Plan (NRFP) was established by the RRBC to aid in achieving a basin-wide strategy that will integrate the Red River Basin’s natural resource management. The NRFP will help overcome political barriers that currently create challenges during the management of natural resources.

The Red River Basin is damaged by floods; to help reduce the damage a flood flow reduction strategy has been created. This strategy alters the hydrology of the contributing watersheds to reduce the flows on the mainstem. RRBC has developed a Red River Mainstem model which is used in collaboration with the flow reduction allocation process.