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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some pages of the information portal display or behave incorrectly when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above?

You may experience compatibility issues such as the maps not drawing at all or the pages formatted incorrectly because the information portal was created using prior versions of Internet Explorer (IE). A workaround is to enable Compatibility View in IE 8 and above until the portal can be updated for later versions of the browser. You can enable this mode by:

  1. Open up the information portal in IE 8 or 9.
  2. Click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button. Or, on the Tools menu, select the option Compatibility View.

Why can’t I upload or attach files in the Whiteboard Documents, Dataset Community or Model Community pages?

There are a number of reasons why files cannot be uploaded into the portal or the uploading fails to complete. Some of them are:

  • network connectivity is disrupted during the upload process
  • network security settings (i.e.., firewalls) of your corporate network is preventing the upload to occur
  • the size of the file is greater than the maximum limit of 1 GB
  • a file with the same name already exists
  • there may be a problem with the browser itself
Some suggestions:

  • Try using a different file name
  • Try the upload again at a later time
  • Try the upload using a newer version of the browser, a different brand of browser or a browser on a different computer. You may want to try on a different network if one is available to you.

Why can’t I log into my account in the portal?

You should make sure that you type in your user name and password correctly, especially the password because it is case-sensitive. Also, check that the Caps Lock key is not accidently on. If you still cannot log in, please contact the portal administrator.

What is a valid Password?

Your password must:

  • Contain a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols
  • Be at least seven characters long
Note: The password is case sensitive.