Agr-Geomatics Programs and Services (NLWIS)

Agri-Geomatics Programs and Services (NLWIS) are available on the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada website. These services and programs provide geographic-based information which is available online. By providing this information online they hope to improve environmental and agricultural decision making.

Two types of maps are offered on the Agri-Geomatics Programs and Services page: interactive and static. Interactive maps use web-mapping applications giving the user the ability to identify features in the map, zoom, search the dataset and create maps to print. Static maps contain environmental and administrative information about watersheds and various watershed projects (but without the interactive functionality).

The data section allows easy access to geospatial data. Some examples of data that can be found are: Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration watershed boundaries, Canada land inventory data,gridded climate data, etc

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada plan for a sustainable agri-environment with the use of various tools. Tools that are available for use include: interactive Web-mapping applications, worksheets and calculators that are designed to assist land-use decision makers.

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